Why are robust question banks important for creating quizzes?

February 1, 2023

What exactly is a Question Bank?

A question bank is a collection of questions and answers that can be found in an online exam or assessment. A single question bank may be used to evaluate knowledge and understanding of a variety of topic areas, or there may be a number of separate question banks related to particular topics.

Traditionally, these assessments were used to assess a candidate’s knowledge and comprehension. However, the role of the question bank is evolving, and they can now play a critical role in creating engaging formalities.

The primary purpose of a Question Bank:

The question bank allows people who are adding questions to choose a category so that their questions are properly stored. They can select from the categories provided on the question bank website.

Categories will allow users to categorize questions that have a similar format. The genre, difficulty level, and subject of the question are among the categories. They will be able to construct, analyze, and share the results of their set of questions from every category in the question bank.

Creating a Quiz with Question Banks:

It is best to import questions from a question bank so that they are organized and easy to use in subsequent quizzes in the same course. QuestWing offers a variety of robust and effective question banks. The questions in the question bank have already been organized by standard, chapter, subject, or question type.

It is easy to create tests with just a few clicks with the question banks.

A question group can be used to create a quiz by anyone. Question groups enable you to ask multiple questions to candidates within a single group. You can choose how many of the group’s questions should be answered and assign cut-off points to each template. Creating a question group generates random questions within a quiz.

There are several ways to add questions to your question group:

  • To create your own questions from scratch, add an individual question.
  • To refer to specific questions, find questions from a question bank.
  • Place quiz questions outside of question groups if you need your questions to appear in a specific order.
  • You cannot create new Classic quizzes when the Default to New Quizzes feature option is enabled. Existing classic quizzes, on the other hand, can be edited and migrated to new quizzes.

A Question Bank’s Characteristics:

Preparing a question bank is the first step in creating an online exam, and here are a few characteristics or examples to consider when creating a set of exam questions:

  • Word the questions in an easy-to-understand format, using simple and clear language appropriate to the participant’s level of comprehension.
  • The questions must not cause confusion and must be properly framed so that the candidate understands the topic.
  • The standard ought to be “not excessively easy or troublesome!” If the question is too simple, it provides the answer immediately and does not compel learners to think. Slightly more difficult questions, on the other hand, will require learners to use their knowledge and apply their learnings in an appropriate manner.
  • Subjective-type questions and objectives must be given equal weightage in each set of test papers.
  • Furthermore, there should be no bias in the preparation of the paper, and having one set of test papers is extremely difficult to attempt compared to the others.
  • To avoid cheating or malpractice by students while taking online exams, it is a good practice to prepare 3-4 sets of papers with the order of questions jumbled.

Auto-generated quiz

After being fed the appropriate important questions, cut-off marks, and time allocation, the system is ready to automatically generate a question paper. With a mixed bag of difficult and easy questions, different sets can be extracted.

The time limit for paper submission has also been set in order for candidates to keep track of their progress and complete their answers on time.

The importance of a question bank

  • It is essentially an organized and simple method for ensuring the safe storage of questions for future quizzes.
  • This method is efficient and convenient for creating online tests because you simply select the number of questions you require from each category.
  • This helps individuals to retake the test multiple times. When the test is repeated, the set will always contain different questions.
  • The development of a question bank also reduces cheating because the pool of important questions is quite large. The individuals are less likely to receive the same questions in another set. Furthermore, the order of the questions will be randomized.
  • The inclusion of categories ensures that questionnaires can analyze and view the test taker’s performance based on the category they select. As a result, the question bank also helps with the test takers’ development needs.