What is Trivia Quizzes and Why You Should Play It

What is Trivia Quizzes and Why You Should Play It

September 11, 2023

All of us like to blow off steam in one way or the other when we are in a group or online, not working! People find a variety of ways to have fun like sports, pursue their hobbies, party, etc. 

Some activities are just mindless fun while others have many intellectual and intrapersonal benefits. 

One such activity is playing trivia quizzes.

What Are Trivia Quizzes?

The word trivia is derived from the Latin word “Trivialis” which means commonplace details. 

Though, it wasn’t until the 20th century that trivia became a popular form of entertainment. Trivia games started appearing in newspapers, and radio shows, and eventually made their way to television screens with shows like Jeopardy! and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

So, when we say “trivia quizzes”, it means that one does not have to worry about the quiz being boring and hard to tackle, instead it ignites a spark within us that let us have endless fun and get creative with ourselves.

The questions involved in trivia quizzes range from history to general knowledge to pop culture and many other fields. The only difference between a normal quiz and a trivia quiz is that the questions in trivia quizzes are unimportant and trivial. For example, questions like, “How many times did Abraham Lincoln eat cheeseburgers in his lifetime?” can be considered a part of a quiz trivia. 

No one cares about the number of cheeseburgers Lincoln had in his life but that’s the beauty of it. That’s where all the fun lies! This does not mean all the questions are “stupidly” fun like these. Some questions are concrete and fact-based like “What’s the size of an Olympic swimming pool?”

Why Are They Beneficial?

Now, you may think what’s intellectually beneficial about these questions? You may not know how helpful it is.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of playing trivia quizzes:

Flexes Those Brain Muscles:

When we try to retrieve information from the frontal cortex where our memories are stored, our brain muscles are flexed. Meaning, our memory becomes sharper and our mind becomes more agile. It also improves our problem-solving skills.

Boosts Reading and Writing Habits:

When we play quiz trivia or are preparing for one, we get deeply engrossed in reading and writing down solutions, thoughts and information which in turn improves our reading and writing habits.

Improves Attention To Detail:

By playing trivia quizzes, our observational skills are put to the test. For example, there are questions where we have to figure out what the object or a person is based on very little information given to us. That information can be anything ranging from a clue to a carved-out piece from a complete picture.

Ignites Critical Thinking:

Sometimes, some questions are thought-provoking and we need to think out of the box to answer them. This helps us improve our analytical thinking, problem-solving skills and helps us develop a logical thinking approach.

Busts Stress Like A Charm:

Humans are social animals and when we play trivia quizzes, it’s usually with a group. Well, it is better to play with a group, to say the least. And this generates happy hormones like dopamine and oxytocin which are all-time stress-busters. 

Enhances Teamwork & Collaboration:

Activities like trivia quizzes are great to boost team morale which in turn improves teamwork and enhances collaboration among friends and co-workers.

They’re Simply Fun:

Trivia quizzes are a great way to get entertained, laugh our worries away and a perfect icebreaker in conversations!


We can easily say that when life gives us lemons, don’t make lemonade but play trivia quizzes instead. Yes, poor joke, but you get the point! Trivia quizzes will always be a great way to foster healthy relationships and improve knowledge, cognitive skills and overall well-being.

Happy quizzing!

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