Developing pre-employment personality tests

February 13, 2023

Online personality tests are a popular way for hiring managers to identify the person who is the best fit for the company and role. A well-designed personality test can reveal a candidate’s primary character traits and motivations, which a resume cannot always show.

Many organizations use personality tests to select the best candidates from a large pool of applicants because face-to-face meetings are not always feasible.

You can do the following by creating a custom personality test for your company:

  • Improve your content by asking questions about your industry, organization, and role.
  • Give candidates a positive experience that reflects your company’s values and brand.

To begin, you should conclude which ways of behaving you might want to survey. You can decide to adjust the ways of behaving to your association’s qualities, and organizational culture or to distinguish relational attributes expected for a particular job.

These are well-known instances of ways of behaving that organizations use to gauge an up-and-comer’s fit inside the business

  • Ability to take ownership
  • Customer commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership skills
  • Motivations
  • Respect for authority
  • Levels of creativity

To begin, you must decide which behaviors you want to evaluate. You have the option of aligning the behaviors with your organization’s values, and company culture or identifying interpersonal characteristics required for a specific role.

Here are some common examples of behaviors that companies use to assess a candidate’s fit within the organization:

  • Capability to take charge
  • Customer dedication
  • Collaboration
  • Motivations for leadership skills
  • Authority should be respected.
  • Creativity levels

A personality test can also detect negative characteristics such as pessimism, arrogance, and self-doubt.

The following stage is to configure questions that will give the best knowledge to estimate your picked ways of behaving.

Normally each question estimates one strength or two qualities that are contrary energies. An illustration of inverse qualities could be, would you say you are an ‘extravert’ or ‘contemplative person’?

There are different ways of arranging your inquiries that will empower you to best quantify the individual’s way of behaving, for example:

  • Multiple choice
  • Picture choice
  • Rating score
  • Yes/ no options
  • Fill-in-the-blanks
  • Free text

Make a rundown of your questions and answers:

The following step is to create questions that will provide the most insight into your chosen behaviors. Typically, each question assesses one strength or two opposing strengths. Are you an ‘extravert’ or an ‘introvert,’ as an example of opposing strengths?

There are several ways to format your questions to best measure the person’s behavior, such as:

  • Descriptive
  • Multi Choice Questions
  • Picture selection
  • The rating score
  • Options for yes/no
  • Fill-in-the-blanks

It would be ideal if you ended up with different sets of questions, divided by behavior.